According to the Home Inspection company in Gig Harbor, a Home Inspection is almost always required when purchasing, selling, or refinancing a property. Before closing, over 95% of purchasers employ a house inspector. A Home Inspection is unpleasant, time-consuming, but vital in selling a house. But what is examined? What do you do to get ready? What happens next after the Home Inspection?

The following steps need to be taken after the inspection has been completed.

As soon as the inspection is complete, the report should be emailed to the client. Pre-listing inspections are typically requested by the seller, but the buyer can also make this request.

Here’s what typically occurs after a home inspection:

1. The buyer and their agent will go over the report.

The buyer’s agent will assist the buyer in comprehending the inspection report and deciding whether to purchase the property, request repairs, or terminate the purchase agreement in light of the inspection results. According to the Home Inspection team in Gig Harbor, the inspection report might be 30 to 40 pages long, so having an agent explain the findings is beneficial.

According to Home Inspection experts, it’s critical to remember that the buyer who paid for the inspection report is the one who owns it. There’s a need for a contract between the buyer and the house inspector. Even if it’s your home, the seller only hears about repairs if the buyer requests them.

2. Repair requests are forwarded to the seller,

Typically, a buyer has two to three business days to evaluate the Home Inspection report and request repairs.

Almost every report includes a list of proposed fixes and health and safety concerns. The Home Inspection team said it is up to the buyer and buyer’s agent to decide which items are appropriate for remedy.

3. The response is reviewed and crafted by the seller.

The following are the seller’s responses to the buyer’s requested repairs:

  • Make the necessary repairs.
  • Decide which repairs to perform.
  • Refuse to make any repairs.

4. The buyer and vendor reach an agreement.

Once the buyer and seller have reached an agreement on the condition of the home and any necessary repairs, the Gig Harbor Home Inspection company states the sales agreement is modified accordingly.

5. The sale proceeds to appraisement and closure.

When the inspection time is complete, the transaction will proceed to the appraisal and closing stages.

Lenders demand an appraisal to assess the property’s current worth. If it is low, the sale price and other parameters can be changed or negotiated.

A buyer’s title search and mortgage underwriting are both performed during the closing process. The closure could be postponed or called off if any of these procedures take too long. So, make sure you keep up with any demands from your agent, stated by a Home Inspection expert in Gig Harbor.