Flue Systems


Comfort Problems and Hidden Leaks

Over the average period of time that most homeowners will inhabit their homes, thousands of dollars will be saved on total utility bills versus a non-ENERGY STAR compliant home. Most homes have severely inefficient duct work and flue distribution systems. Average inefficientcy is 25% to 40% or more.


Leaks in Ductwork

As noted above, distribution systems are generally “sealed” with “duct tape”. In an scientificially conducted test, testing several methods for sealing delivery systems showed that “duct tape” performed the worse, dried up and was completely ineffective.


Building Integrity

Most all buildings and homes have cavities hidden from view that leak and waste a serious amount of money in energy costs. Besides the obvious potential for harmful intake of poor quality air. There are many possibilities and causes like: general building and wall cavities, plumbing stacks, large gaps behind an exterior wall, under walls, other venting penatrations, even under kitchen cabnets.


Flue Systems

90% or more of all flue systems installed at code minimum standards and are poorly contructed, poorly installed, leak, and are as inefficient as they can be. Finding and fixing these are at the center of any realistic investigation into tightening the gap between what is wasted, and what can be saved for a seriouly lower energy cost overall, while providing ultimate comfort in your home.


More Comfort Problems and Hidden Leaks

Poisonous exhaust gases from existing gas and oil furnaces and water heaters must be vented properly out of your home. Many inept contractors install a new system without making required upgrades to the chimney or venting system, literally threatening the lives of your family.

Measurements of gas pressure, chimney draft and Carbon Monoxide production must then be performed.

The EPA states:

  • “EPA believes that contractors who have participated in advanced training on diagnostic and installation practices will be able to install better performing systems that save money and produce less air pollution than many who do not.”
  • Replacing the old systems, ductwork and components of your system does initially cost more, but you do get more:
  • lower utility bills
  • lower repair costs
  • improved reliability and warranty
  • increased comfort