If you don’t reside in a locale that’s a magnet for natural inundation, like a valley or the shoreline, you may be underestimating your own susceptibility. But flooding can be caused by a plethora of occurrences, not just hurricanes or downpours. These include sewage systems and drainage issues that can cause flooding in areas you’d never anticipate. This puts the majority of dwellings in danger of water-related destruction.

It’s a cold hard truth that any amount of H2O can wreak havoc on your crib or biz. Even a smidgen of liquid can lead to a hefty price tag – and that’s not even taking into account the fact that many insurance policies don’t cover flood-related water damage.

The stakes are high! If you don’t act fast, that stagnant H2O in your crib could twist your floors, propagate mold, and even cause some serious structural or electrical damage. Anything near the floor – lawnmowers, photo albums, TVs, and more – could be destroyed beyond repair. And if you don’t have the right insurance coverage, the emotional and financial costs of cleaning up after a flood could be devastating. Don’t take the risk – get insured!

For those looking to flip their crib, the situation can be a real bummer. Flooding in the area can be a major turn-off for potential buyers, and any water damage, warping, or mold build-up can be a major headache. It’s essential to shell out the dough for repairs and clean up any damage before listing the property (especially before an inspection). Don’t let the cost of repairs stop you from cashing in on your real estate investment!